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Marvellousness of Pain

‘Thats the thing about pain. It demands to be felt’- John Green (Fault in our Stars)

Pain. Doesn’t This four letter word sound familiar? From being tiny toddlers, running around, falling, hurting our knees, and crying out loud till our throats trembled. That was pain. The time we balanced ourselves on cycles, to falling down from this two wheeled spectacle and bandaging our knees to school for two weeks. That was pain. When we forgot to do our maths homework and got a tiny hit on our palm by our teacher, that! That was pain. When our best friend refused to sit with us in class and looked forward to other friends. That indeed was pain.

Progressing the pain, we embraced well versed versions of unsolicited scoldings from dads (and mom’s probably) for doing away with the tiny household responsibilities. Physical wounds had graver impressions. We grew with time and pain took new forms like board examinations. In the process of outgrowing that, we chose to attract even more pains disguised as love. We passed adolescence and grew. We are thorough with the basic foundations of pain. Pretty strong? Isn’t it.

Well, of all these, the ones that shattered our soul to pieces was the painful amongst them all. Wasn’t it? BUT. You know what’s marvellous about it? We outgrew them. We became stronger. Those foundations, they are the cornerstone that God laid for us to create a whole multi-storeyed building on top of it. To let in people to stay, to give them shelter and to let them leave, whenever they wish to.

These foundations of pain and the life we create on top of it isn’t for us to be self centered but to know the truth about life and people, and still have a heart to love everyone and everything without expecting anything in return, even if you do expect pain.

That’s the virtue of life.

It feels good to write after long. I happened to join a gym where this one thing that my instructor said striked my mind enough to ponder about. It was “ENJOY PAIN”. Pretty ironic isn’t it? But let me tell you, it’s been three days and it’s been a wonderful feeling.

Here, I came across pain. The physical one. But once I remembered the essence of growth it brings along with it, I began to enjoy it. I know there’s a long long way to go ahead, but the thing is if we all learn to understand the beauty of pain, we’ll feel to embrace it with positivity than with a zeal of despair.

Whether it be human that hurts your soul or the soil that hurts your body, the pain it brings along is the power to your entirety. ☺️

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