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It’s after heavy rains, that we happen to see rainbows, beautiful and mesmerizing, through the cloudy skies amidst a peek of sunlight.

Everything that seems stormy in your life isn’t always about the difficulty it brings you but the wait for something better to look forward to.

A Rainbow instilled in a cake, with sweetness of life, a rekindled spirit, happiness and smiles is a reminder that the tough times was to gift you this candied piece of exceptional delight.

One can truly cherish the beauty of the rainbow, only after enduring the heavy rains that life brings upon them.

To have a spectacular seven colored wonder in life, is all about having peace, happiness and a lot of love that your soul deserves. It’s all God’s blessings, after all.

Keep smiling and remember you own a rainbow cake at the end of these bitter times.

Stay hopeful! Stay home! Stay safe! Be happy looking at the rainbow of your life 🙂

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