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Solicitude that opened my eyes

Isn’t it a pretty cozy yet sickening feeling to be rolled up in your bed, with a temperature of 102°F, thinking about life along with the Antarctic feelings of existence. Well, for me it was. It was indeed a different bacterial invasion to my immunity after a pretty long time. This experience opened my eyes to the truth of life. It embraced me to unconditional, sacrificial, true love. The one we keep searching for waywardly around the entire globe. The one we wish and dream for in a lifetime. The kind of love that we expect from people around us. I had finally found it in a place I’d forgotten as I stepped into teenage.

This love is one of the rarest kind. Even if the world betrays you, this love won’t. The care, support, concern, more precisely to be termed as solicitude left me with tears of realisation in my eyes. The hands that held me when I was at my weakest, the soul that cupped my head in those hands the entire while I was sick. The beautiful songs and affirmative words, concern in those eyes. The selfless love you’d never find anywhere else. It’s none other than a mother’s love. ❤️

Before running behind the world, searching for love, look behind and open your eyes to a universe of unconditional, selfless love that has held you since you came into this world. Indeed mothers are a divine manifestation of God on Earth. Angels with a beautiful soul, and love that’s incomparable. 😇

Go on and realize their love for you. For they’ll be the only one at every ups and downs of your life. The best kind of friend you could ever have, and a bond that never ceases to exist

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