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The manifestation of nature in mankind

If you notice, there are these beautiful branches of the trees. The roots hold them strong. Ferns, flowers, algae & wildlife surround it. Encroaching tarred roads with fuels, carbon, digitalised humans diminish the serenity of mountains. This is what creates the bittersweet reality about endurance of nature. Still, these hills don’t fail to embrace you with soothing cold winds as you come by. Wonder beholds me to think how long it would carry the weight of it’s multiplying sorrow, everytime a tourist bus climbs over it, gifting it garbage & pollution on the way, for all the fondly memories it gives to you.

Well, life is similar to nature. We are a beautiful hill station that God has created. We hold strong roots. The shrubs and ferns, are the aquaintances of life, the enchanting flowers are the gifts of good deeds. Algae equalizes criticism. It’s necessary for positive self reviewing. Wildlife are the ones who roar at you or even ones that live because of your good deeds. All the encroachments are the negativities & challenges in life to test your endurance.

Just like nature knows to repay it’s destroyers, similarly does your soul.

The creator of man and nature holds power to teach his creation, the answer to the vague and unknown.

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