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An Ungrateful World

This world never values the blessings that are bestowed upon it. It never learns to thank God for the wonderful things that many could only dream of.

Ask a child on the streets what it means to have books and meals. Ask a man without hands, what it feels to hold the beauty of the sand. Ask the blind, how mesmerizing it seems to see the stars shine through the darkened skies.

Life seems hopeless to those who have it all, Little do they mind to see through the eyes of these souls, They’re all humans too, you see, Much more hopeful than you and me. Relentless spirits and uncomplaining life Fathomless love and soul so kind Wish this world had eyes and ears too To see the unseen and to hear the unheard. To love the lost, to care for the needy And to live a life gracefully and sacrificing indeed.

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