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Possess your power

Im sure all of us must have possessed a toy in our childhood. For a period of time, all our happiness lied in playing with that non living object. Our eyes gleamed with joy on getting a new one. We used to spend most of our time with it, adoring how it worked so wondrously. Until one day, the toy gets spoilt by repeated use. We did feel sad at that moment but once a new toy appears, the old withered toy is left behind as a memory.

Life as an adult isn’t any different. Toys are replaced by people and what withers away with time are emotions. In the beginning, when we encounter people, they seem to be shining, beautiful souls spectacularly designed to vibe with our inner self. Gradually, our actions and uses reduces their efficacy. The unknown amount of emotional hurt that we mete out towards them make them equivalent to a withered toy. Until eventually, we leave it behind. Broken and shattered. Possession ends. So does love.

People may grow up to be matured, but psychology remains embedded within them. New things eventually lose their significance someday. When something is available all the time, it’s taken for granted.

The truth seems to be enclosed within this simple fact that you can’t possess people. Neither their hearts. When you visit the seashore, you feel wonderful, you feel like all of it is yours but you can never possess it’s inner beauty. You can live through it’s magnificence and imbibe the values it gives us but you can never take it with you home. It’s all yours, the seashore, the sunset, the peace, but you can never call it your own. It belongs to the world. It belongs equally to everyone. If you try to own it, it will swallow you within it’s Waves.

For those people who are a toy, please be an ocean. Don’t let yourself be withered by people. Show your majesty and spread your grace around. You have infinity within you and don’t let people belittle it. Don’t destroy yourself giving your possession to people. You don’t owe to anybody. You are whole and complete like an ocean. If someone tries to possess you, remember that you’ll be insignificant soon. You’ll lose your worth. Roar your Waves around those people. Let them know that you’re beautiful but there’s enormous power inside of you. To never let anyone bring you down.

Always keep your Waves high. Let them adore you from afar. The world posesseses us and we posesses none other than our own power.

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