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Power of Solitude

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Why is it that you cling to people like magnets

Like every ounce of your soul demands to feel their persistent acceptance of your being.

Why is it that you refuse to take up the audacity of standing alone

To know that you’re complete and entire as yourself

That you do not need to be authenticated for survival

Why is it that you depend on people

Like a parasite for happiness

Ripping them off their power to exist

Indirectly caging them in ways you don’t know

Why is it that your soul doesn’t comprehend

That things you hold on to with much strength

Eventually let go off your grasp

So if you love something, let it go.

Know your strength

Remember that you came into this world alone, because you were given the power by this universe to exist- on your Own.

Derive positivity and spread good vibes.

Repel negativity and be happy

You have entirety in your hands

Don’t lose the world by holding on tight to anything.

Let everything go on in its way

Things that are yours will gravitate to your inner power- no matter what

Be at peace 🤗

Let it freaking be raining or stormin or tornado-ing outside the window of your life – you just need to be happy.

Don’t let that smile fade.

Nothing can affect you unless you give it the power to act on your platysma muscle and make you frown 😉😂

Carpe Diem!

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