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The Blessings of Heavenly Father

I remember sitting alone in my room with the door closed and lights turned off, tears streaming down my cheeks. My heart was drowned in despair when I called out to you, oh my heavenly father, to be my dad, to hold my hand and guide me through, as my paths seemed empty and forlorn. My soul seemed stranded and my heart was at a standstill but I was unaware of the multitude of miracles waiting ahead of me.

A mighty rescue from a trench disguised as human that this world had to offer, to an overwhelming prize for the photography competition at the interzone arts festival, you showed me that the ‘shutter speed’ of life and ‘exposure’ to victory is decided by you, to surprise people who left your child in despair. My smile was filled with true happiness after a long time. Birthday surprises with unexpected affection made me feel loved once again. An unimaginable success at monetisation on YouTube brought tears of joy to my eyes following certain hurtful words that this world had offered me.

An angel of love, understanding and care embraced me with wings of happiness and healing. When the world chose to make me walk alone, you guarded me with your mighty warriors and lifted me up to the heavens, in ways they could not imagine.

From a good performance at academics and proving my worth in your eyes in front of those who frowned at my smile, you stood as my mighty father and king.

I’ll always be eternally grateful to you. You collected my tears, and showered me with blessings beyond my imagination.

You are my father, my saviour, my true love. I thank you Dad, for everything you have bestowed upon me in life, especially the blessed year of 2019, where I could truly embrace the POWER of your love.

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